Yvonne Mburu

Yvonne is a scientist and consultant with more than 15 years of experience in scientific and health research. She is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nexakili, a professional network that is connecting the global community of African health professionals, scientists and technologists. Nexakili offers a global platform for African professionals to transfer […]

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Alisa Phulukdaree

Alisa’s experiences emerging from South Africa’s public schooling system in a poor community rife with social inequalities molded her teaching philosophy, that the one common factor that assisted young people’s escape from the harsh poverty of our community is obtaining an education. With this knowledge, guidance and motivation from school teachers – notably Dr. Kripnath […]

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Abdoulaye Banire Diallo

Abdoulaye was born in Romania where both his parents were PhD students in mathematical fields. Both his parents became university professors. His mom was one of the earliest female PhD holders in Guinea. Abdoulaye was greatly inspired by his parents and received scientific training early on. His dad gave him his first computer at the […]

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Hamidou Tembine

Hamidou was born in Orsongo, Dogon Country, Mali. He was initially interested in music in elementary school. His interest in science and engineering started when his tutor offered him a music book that explained the form, rhythm, harmony of the notes with elementary mathematics. From there, Hamidou obtained a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University […]

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Tolulope Olugboji

Tolulope was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He derived his primary inspiration and initial scientific training from his mother, a civil engineer, who has devoted her entire life to teaching science, mathematics, physics, and technology to high school students in Nigeria. Tolulope counts himself one of her success stories. Regarding his education, Tolulope obtained a Bachelor […]

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Peter Ngene

Peter was born in Enugu, South East Nigeria. His interest in science started in elementary school because of a tutor who showed him how science and technology had changed the world. His interest was then fostered by his high school physics teacher who mentored him. From this mentorship, he was sure he wanted to be […]

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Sidy Ndao

Sidy was born in Dakar, Senegal, where he started his elementary education. At the age of 16, he moved to the United States where he graduated as Valedictorian of his high school class in 2001. By then, he was already interested in science and technology, even carrying a notebook with him where he drew designs […]

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Maha Nasr

Maha was born in Giza, Egypt. Despite being raised in a family of engineers, no one forced her to follow in their footsteps, respecting her choice to pursue the pharmaceutical sciences. She began her scientific journey with a Bachelor and Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ain Shams University in Egypt. In 2011, Maha […]

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Sanushka Naidoo

Sanushka is currently Senior Lecturer in the Department of Genetics at the University of Pretoria and a candidate for Associate Professor. Sanushka is President of the South African Genetics Society (2017-2018) and was awarded a Y-rating by the South African National Research Foundation (2015-2020). Her research is dedicated to plant defense in the forest species, […]

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Yves Mugabo

Yves was born in Butare, Rwanda. His interest in science was sparked as a young boy when he accompanied his father, who was a researcher, on his trips around Rwanda to collect data for his epidemiological studies. His father told him that if he did not desire to help his neighbor then he should avoid […]

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