Ingrid Wünning Tschol

Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol is a senior vice president at Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart, Germany. She belongs to numerous advisory boards, both in Germany and in other European countries. She was vice-chairman of the Euroscience Open Forum 2006 Steering Committee and co-chair of Euroscience Open Forum 2008, 2010 and 2012. She is vice chair of […]

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Nelson Torto

Nelson Torto is the Executive Director of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), a pan African organization which drives sustainable development in Africa through science technology and innovation. Prior to joining the AAS, he was the founding CEO of the Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI), which values cocreation and empathy. He was […]

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma is a founder of Infinite Potentials (IPC), an Africa focused management consulting agency working to deliver solutions in Africa, with expertise in the higher education sector. IPC is working with clients including Fortune 50 companies, multilateral institutions, governments, universities, private foundations and start-ups to develop strategies and implement projects. He has previously played […]

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Eugène Mutimura

Dr. Mutimura, is a researcher and former African Centers of Excellence Project Coordinator, an initiative by the Inter-University Council of East Africa and the World Bank to establish Regional Education and Research Centres in specific topics, based in Kampala, Uganda. This is with an aim to strengthen long-term African capacity to train at the highest […]

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Thierry Zomahoun

Thierry Zomahoun is the President and CEO of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Next Einstein Initiative and Founder and Chairman of the Next Einstein Forum. Thierry is a global development expert with a successful 22-year track record in educational and scientific programmes administration, not-for-profit business start-ups, and growth and microenterprise development in Africa, […]

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Seema Kumar

Seema Kumar is Vice President of Innovation, Global Health and Policy Communication, Johnson & Johnson (J&J). In this role, Seema works to position J&J as a global pioneer in innovation and in research and development (R&D), a thought leader and a partner of choice. Her responsibilities include communications regarding enterprise innovation and R&D, medical safety […]

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