Genya V. Dana

An internationally recognized expert on the policy and science of synthetic biology and gene editing, and has advised foreign policy makers on the implications of emerging technologies. She served as a U.S. negotiator on science, technology and innovation in multi-lateral organizations like the United Nations, worked to advance science, technology and innovation for sustainable development […]

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Marcus Wilms

Diploma/Master degree in Physics, University of Aachen, Germany PhD in Neuroscience, University of Marburg, Germany (PhD in Neuroscience) Postdoctoral research at the Research Centre Jülich, Germany. Published widely in Neuroscience using electrophysiological and functional imaging (fMRI) methods in animal and human visual systems. His research targeted the development of a visual prosthesis and the understanding […]

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Berhanu Abegaz Molla

Contributed to the rapid growth and development of the Academy that has been witnessed in recent years During this time, the Academy secured recognition by the African Union and NEPAD, the technical executing agency of the Union The number of Fellows and in particular women fellows has increased significantly Assisted in articulating the three important […]

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Peter Tindemans

PhD in Theoretical Physics from Leiden University. Well-known for his contributions to science, technology and innovation policy in the Netherlands, Europe and globally. He was responsible for Dutch research and science policy from 1991-1999 covering all fields of science (including SSH: “Kleine Letteren/Baby Krishna”; International Institute for Asian Studies IIAS; International Institute for the Study […]

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Adam Sneyd

  Teaching Award for outstanding teaching, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences, University of Guelph in 2014 Prinicipal Investigator, Africa Initiative Research Grant Ph.D. in Politcal Science from McMaster Universit   […]

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Bernard Slippers

Former Co-Chair, Global Young Academy Award for outstanding doctoral research from the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations President’s Award from the National Research Foundation in South Africa Founding member of the Global Young Academy in 2010 Founding member of the South African Young Academy of Science in 2011 Ph.D. in Plant Genetics from the […]

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Tatsuya Nakada

Former Spokesperson, CERN LHCb Initiated plans to build a ‘b factory’ – a machine producing large numbers of B mesons – at the Swiss Institute for Nuclear Physics (SIN) PhD in Physics, Heidelberg […]

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Barry Green

Former Professor of Mathematics, Stellenbosch University Former Head of Department, Mathematics, Stellenbosch University Member of the Board, Pan-African Centre of Mathematics Impressive publications record PhD in Mathematics, University of Cape Town […]

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Ghada Bassioni

Dr. rer. nat. 2004, Technische Universität München TUM, Munich, Germany. Member of the Egyptian National Committee for Pure and Applied Chemistry, Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. Appointed as the Egypt-Germany Coordinator, Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF), Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Member of the Global Young Academy from 2013-2018 […]

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Simeon Ehui

  He was the manager of the Food and Agriculture Global Practice for Africa (2015-2017) and South Asia (2009-2015) while based in Pakistan. Served as Lead Economist and Sector Leader for the Sustainable Development Network in Nigeria covering a variety of issues such as agriculture, social, environment, transport, and energy. Before joining the World Bank, […]

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