The NEF appreciates the interactive ways that IMAGINARY promotes mathematics. IMAGINARY is a prize-winning mathematics outreach project, initiated by the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO) in 2007 that aims to communicate modern mathematics to a broad public in an aesthetic, interactive and collaborative way. It offers an open source platform and live exhibit that features content which can be used in schools, at homes, museums, and other contexts to engage people in math subjects. The content will help engage our audiences at the Global Gathering event and beyond. Working together, the NEF and IMAGINARY can literally and figuratively transcend the boundaries of mathematics. By working collaboratively to reach the masses, we can make mathematics more accessible to the average person through interactive programs and galleries and in doing so, enlarge our communities. We see the NEF and IMAGINARY engaging in a long-term partnership with strong outcomes.