The African Union Commission (AUC)

The African Union Commission (AUC)  will collaborate with the Next Einstein Forum on strengthening linkages between STEM education and research with industry. In a 28 June 2015 statement, the AUC said, “NEF is an initiative that is intended to provide a platform to foster a strong African scientific community as an influential member of the global scientific community, through strengthened tripartite engagement between the scientific and higher education community; the industrial and corporate sector, and high level policy makers. This initiative will celebrate African science and scientists, while building global competitiveness.

It is expected that through the NEF, there will be enhanced contribution of Africa’s youth to scientific entrepreneurship, innovation and inventiveness, including creation of next ‘Einstein’ level of emerging scientists. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are powerful forces for the achievement of progress in the global economy. For Africa to fully benefit from these forces to address continental challenges and opportunities, it must build a strong indigenous capacity in these disciplines.”