Sudanese Undergraduates Develop a Robotic Rover

The ability of facing the challenges and determination has been an empowerment firing flame for four undergraduate students from Omdurman Islamic University, College of engineering. We all time speak about lack of resources and uncomfortable environment to develop creative and advance project here in Africa, but those young fresh minded undergraduates (Mohammed Ishag, Yousif Elfatih , Murwan Ezaat, Hussam Aldeen ) paved their way through, and raised themselves over the doom situation, to come up with a robotic rover that is able to accomplish multi tasks, and for high extend, could be compatible for adaptation in different applications with high accuracy.

“Our rover project started from zero and went through to this stage with no any external help”, Eng. Mohammed Ishag, group member, said. A group of students have designed, planed, assembled, and coded the project, themselves with incredible spirit of teamwork. Interestingly, this rover robot can be used in various practical applications. As Mohammed said, “the rover could be used in mining sites for scanning studies and mapping”.

Other purposes of the rover is to be used as educational material for the young students, where it could be broken into pieces and reassembled. The rover has also some military applications, in which could be used to remove the bombs or bobby traps by the help of its robotic arm, and also remove or transfer the hazard radiation materials a way. A powerful point about the project is its very low financial cost compared to the Rovers that exist now. In addition, Mohammed said that “Our Rover will cost in its final usable shape about 2000 USD”, where the Rovers around the world cost about 10000 USD. The project is in its way for additional development, and the team members are determined to step further in the project and extend its applications for the benefit of Africa in the space technology and here on the ground. There is still work to be done before reaching its final shape for the various applications. Now, they are looking for smart partnership to strength their side and advance the project. We expect more to come, for such young minds as they represent the wave of the new innovative African young minds, seeking to develop theirs countries with new technological tools. Article By: NEF Sudan team- Mohammad Kamal