The biomedical smart jacket that diagnoses pneumonia using Bluetooth

Getting a pneumonia diagnosis wrong can be fatal. Ugandan inventor Brian Turyabagye, knows all too well. He has created a biomedical jacket known as Mama-Ope, that’s four times faster at diagnosing pneumonia than a doctor. The problem is particularly acute with infants. According to UNICEF, pneumonia kills half a million children under five each year in sub-Saharan Africa. In response, Turyabagye and Koburongo began formulating ideas about how to tackle the ongoing problem. They consulted medical experts to understand the specific symptoms of the disease. Currently, Turyabagye says that the jacket is still in the prototype phase. “We are still working on the production concept,” If successful, the technology could be hugely beneficial to millions of people affected by the disease at the whim of inadequate and inaccessible health provisions. Read more